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Narli Nilufer

yeni Nilufer

Narli’s topics of research and teaching interest include: civil-military relations and military and good governance in Turkey, Islamist movements in Southeast Asia and Middle East, political participation of Muslim women, irregular migration in the Balkans, and political memory.

Narli has undertaken several research projects. The most recent one is the TUBITAK-funded research on “political memory in Turkey” (beginning in December 2012). One of the important applied sociology projects (2007-2009) was the social impact of computer teaching and learning project, sponsored by Microsoft, UNDP and the Youth for Habitat as the NGP partner of the project. Narli took part in a research project, “Governance and the Military: Perspectives for Change in Turkey” (2004-2006). The project was coordinated and funded by the Centre for European Security Studies (CESS) in Holland. She directed the project “Political Islam in Turkey”, which was funded by the Ford Foundation in 1992.
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