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Ayman Gulden


 Professor S. Gülden Ayman teaches theory of international relations, conflict resolution and arms control issues at Istanbul University. She has worked as the Director of Bogazici University-TUSİAD Foreign Policy Forum from 2003-2008. She is the author of Conventional Arms Control (Istanbul: Alfa, 1994), Greek Foreign Policy From a Neo-Realist Perspective (Ankara: SAEMK; 2001) and together Aydın Sezer, A Strategic Analysis of Turkey's Relations with her Neighbors with a special Emphasis given to EU Neighborhood Policy (Istanbul: TÜSİAD, 2007). She is the editor of Kyoto Protocol, Turkish Business World and the EU (Istanbul: Bigart, 2007) and The Main Parameters to Cope with Iraqi Imbroglio-Turkish Perspective, (Istanbul, Bigart, 2008).

She has been awarded fellowships by the Italian government, British Council, USIA, Ford Foundation, Greek government and by the Fulbright Commission. She has received MERC (Middle East Research Competition) Award by her project on 'The Role of Belief Systems in the Turkish Foreign Policy Making Towards the Middle East' in 1999. She was a visiting researcher at Cesare Alfieri Institute of Political Science, University of Kent at Canterbury and Center for Transatlantic Relations at Free University of Berlin and Fulbright visiting scholar at the United Nations Studies, Yale University.
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