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Ilaria Poggiolini

 Ilaria Poggiolini is Associate Professor of International History at the University of Pavia. She is a partner of the Machiavelli Centre for Cold War Studies (CIMA), a member of the teaching staff of the Doctorate Program in History at the University of Pavia, SCR Fellow at the European Study Centre, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford and Associate of the Transatlantic Relations Programme at LSE IDEAS, London School of Economics (London). Previously, she has been Jean Monnet Professor at the University of Milan, Lecturer at the University of Sassari, fellow of the Fulbright program, NATO, the Woodrow Wilson School, (Princeton University), the British Council and St. Antony’s College, Oxford. Her research activities and publications focus on post WWII international peace-making with a focus on the cases of Italy, Japan and Vietnam; political and diplomatic relations between Italy and the Allies in the 1940s and ‘50s; British accession to the EEC and Ostpolitik in the 1970s and 1980s.  She is presently working on nuclear policies in Britain since the 1970s and on a comparative analysis of the meaning of, and contemporary debate on opposition to Europe among EEC/EU countries. 

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SöZEN, Ahmet

Sözen received his BA from Boğaziçi University (İstanbul) in 1991. He finished his MA in International Relations at Syracuse University (USA) in 1993. He was awarded with PhD in Political Science – International Relations at University of Missouri (USA) in 1999. During his PhD dissertation fieldwork, Sözen was granted one of the fifty 1997 Paul Harris Ambassadorial Peace Scholarships on International Conflict Resolution given on a world-wide competition by International Rotary Foundation. Previously Sözen taught at University of Missouri, Middle East Technical University (Ankara), Sabancı University (İstanbul) and University of Bahçeşehir (İstanbul). Currently Ahmet Sözen is a full professor of International Relations and the Chair of the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Famagusta. Sözen is the Founding Director of CPC (Cyprus Policy Center) – a political think-tank established in EMU in 2004. In addition, Sözen is the founding Turkish Cypriot Co-Director of the UNDP funded program Cyprus 2015 which operatedfirst under Interpeace and later became the first inter-communal think-tank called SeeD – Center for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development. Sözen has published extensively on the Cyprus conflict and Turkish foreign policy. He has also been very active on the policy and advocacy fronts. His experience over the last twenty years as a peace-activist includes peace-building and democratization processes, including participating into peace-negotiations from the first-track in Cyprus where Sözen was a member of the official Turkish Cypriot negotiation team in the UN-led peace negotiations; active involvement in second-track peace and democratization initiatives; providing training and education in the areas of conflict resolution, mediation and peace-building; designing policy recommendations based on objective participatory research with the societal stakeholders and polling. Sözen has given dozens invited speeches on conflict resolution and the Cyprus conflict in many different countries and he frequently appears on both local and Turkish media, as well as international media where he comments on world events.

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Ayman Gulden


 Professor S. Gülden Ayman teaches theory of international relations, conflict resolution and arms control issues at Istanbul University. She has worked as the Director of Bogazici University-TUSİAD Foreign Policy Forum from 2003-2008. She is the author of Conventional Arms Control (Istanbul: Alfa, 1994), Greek Foreign Policy From a Neo-Realist Perspective (Ankara: SAEMK; 2001) and together Aydın Sezer, A Strategic Analysis of Turkey's Relations with her Neighbors with a special Emphasis given to EU Neighborhood Policy (Istanbul: TÜSİAD, 2007). She is the editor of Kyoto Protocol, Turkish Business World and the EU (Istanbul: Bigart, 2007) and The Main Parameters to Cope with Iraqi Imbroglio-Turkish Perspective, (Istanbul, Bigart, 2008).

She has been awarded fellowships by the Italian government, British Council, USIA, Ford Foundation, Greek government and by the Fulbright Commission. She has received MERC (Middle East Research Competition) Award by her project on 'The Role of Belief Systems in the Turkish Foreign Policy Making Towards the Middle East' in 1999. She was a visiting researcher at Cesare Alfieri Institute of Political Science, University of Kent at Canterbury and Center for Transatlantic Relations at Free University of Berlin and Fulbright visiting scholar at the United Nations Studies, Yale University.
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Marco Padovan

Marco Padovan was admitted to the Bar in 1983. In 1986 he joined the Legal Department of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in Luxembourg. From 1993 until 1995 he represented the European Investment Bank in the Board of Directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London. From 1995 until 2000 he was Chief Counsel at the EIB . In 2000 he returned to private practice in Italy and in December 2002 he founded “Studio Legale Padovan”. He is a member of the Milan Bar. 
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Guderzo Max

1. Florence, 2008-12. Professor of the History of International Relations and Jean Monnet Chair of the History of European Unification, Co-ordinator of the Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence at the University of Florence and Research Co-ordinator of the Machiavelli Inter-University Centre for Cold War Studies (CIMA). Leader of two pilot projects for an international joint PhD course in the History of International Relations (Peking University, Peking) and for an international joint Master Course in International Studies (MGIMO University of the MFA of Russia, Moscow); Co-ordinator of academic exchanges with many other universities and research institutions in Europe and the world.

2. Florence, 2004-08. Chair of the Degree Course in “International Studies”, Co-ordinator of an international Master Course in Euro-Mediterranean Studies cofinanced by the European Commission, and Co-ordinator of a PhD Course in the History of International Relations.

3. Urbino, 1998-2004. Associate, then Full Professor of the History of International Relations and Jean Monnet Chair of the History and Politics of European Integration; Director, Department of Historical and Political Studies; Co-ordinator, Master Course in Middle East Studies; Pro-Rector for international teaching activities.

4. Previous education, 1977-97. G. attended the ‘Liceo Classico’ in Pavia, 1977-82. Final mark: 60/60. Military service in the alpini mountain troops, 1982-83. Travels and professional experiences, 1983-84. ‘Laurea’ in Political Science (Faculty “Cesare Alfieri”, Florence), 1984-89. Graduation mark: 110/110 cum laude and thesis printing auspices. PhD in the History of International Relations, 1989-92. Scholarship for international studies abroad, Tübingen University, 1992-94. Post-doctoral scholarship in the history of international relations, European integration and transatlantic studies, 1994-96. Research and teaching collaboration with the Universities of Florence and Milan, participation in many national and international programmes for research and academic exchange.

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